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a live two person show

Time Trip, is a docu-comedy masterfully written and performed by husband / wife, seasoned comedians, John and Viccijo Witty. This live show weaves fact with fiction in a hysterical historical tale that follows the lives of the soul searching baby-boomers, Bobby and Susie, as they travel through the changing cultural that evolved in the years between the birth of Rock ’n Roll and the birth of artificial intelligence. TIME TRIP is a fast paced, two person, multimedia experience that laces character driven scenes with quick change costumes. Video transitions made of period news clips edited to popular music samples are used to transport the audience from decade to decade. Time Trip, is sure to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.



 John & Viccijo Witty

John and Viccijo Witty began writing and performing sketch comedy together in 1972, when they were part of a college student group called, INSANE LIBERATION THEATER. In 1974 they married, accepted Christ and quit Insane Liberation. In 1975, they graduated from, Trinity, a one year Bible School, and began writing and performing again. This time, however, they were on a mission to use the vehicle of comedy to produce and perform live, modern day parables that illustrated the gospel message and biblical wisdom.

(add paragraph hitting highlights of 30 years traveling, performing across USA in churches, concerts, conventions, on TV and radio. Maybe some recommendation quotes from people like, Bill Gather, Willie George, etc.)

(add paragraph about original, TIME TRIP that ended 2002 and how JVj updated to expand through 2018.)

Now, in 2018, John and Viccijo are at it again full force with a powerful live show experience that delivers a unique message that speaks to the hearts and minds of modern day America.




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